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Are the Democrats Really Helpless in Congress?

One thing we have learned over the last two decades is that the minority party is never powerless. The Cheney-Bush Administration (Yes, Cheney-Bush is correct) ran roughshod over the Democratic party, almost at will. The Tea Party/GOP relentlessly pounded away on the Obama Administration. The Democrats found their kneepads even when they held the House, Senate, and White House. The Dems have supported or pushed for some of the worst legislation this country has seen in a generation.

Follow the Money

The Democratic Party is more loyal to their donors than they are to the needs of We the People. This state of affairs is partly due to our horrid campaign finance system, across the duopoly. But for the Dems, the Koch-funded, Clinton-led Democratic Leadership Council is the most significant culprit. The DLC moved the party away from Civil Rights, Labor, and Environmental concerns to become servants of the wealthy and corporations. Many party members claim not to know this history. They should understand the history of the organization and cease the claims of egalitarianism.

This farce of governance has gone on too long. The Democrats could be doing much to fight for their Progressive base. Listing fuzzy, corporate-friendly “policy” like the did with A Better Deal is not enough. They could and should be doing much more- a national campaign alongside their 2018 Midterm candidates for Progressive Policy; Amendments to critical legislation, etc.

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