Friday 7pm pacific Dash Radio or Tonetalks Youtube Join in Call in 3238794445 “Quick Grit Instant Relationships in the 21st Century” Guest Zo Williams Yvette Carnell
1) Is the average millennial looking for a quick fix Disneyland relationship?
2) Is technology making young women (and in some cases young men) stunted with the bunny ears pictures and selfies creating a new form of narcissism?
3) Has tinder and facebook created a world where no one wants to choose anyone permanently?
4) In a world of wealth calcification what is the motive to be in black love if there’s no black wealth?
5) Has the amount of opportunities presented a world where the 20’s and 30’s are me time then around 40 people start looking at the biology clock looking for a instant fix?
6) With black male social failure at the heights it is with (unemployment, incarceration) how does that reflect if you were with a social failure for 2-10 years and now want to date better? Is there a quick fix without counseling?
7) Legacy matters! Do we spend too little time dealing with the effects of broken legacy lines rooting from America’s dark racial history? You dont know your great grandfather, grandfather, and father and want to be the best father on the block without counseling does that work?


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