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Bernie Sanders Condemns Israel’s Brutalization of Palestinian Protesters

Approximately 20,000 peaceful Palestinian protesters gathered on the Gaza-Israel border for the annual ‘March of Great Return’ only to be…

Jill Stein Speaks Out After Becoming the McResistance’s Newest Target

The Senate Intelligence Commity is now investigating 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein for potential collusion with Russia due…

Tom Perez STILL Struggling to Articulate Democratic Party’s Values

DNC Chairman Tom Perez is constantly boasting about the Democratic Party’s values, saying “when we lead with our values we…

Billionaire's Son Is Exactly The Parody You'd Expect

Support The Show On Patreon: Here’s Our Amazon Link: Follow Kyle on Twitter: Like the show on…

Conservatives and Some Liberals Freaked out by Keith Ellison Tweet

Join The Benjamin Dixon Show live Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday at 9PM ET and Wednesday at 8PM ET. Join the…

YouTube Now Demonetizing Small Creators

YouTube recently announced that it’ll soon be tightening requirements for smaller creators when it comes to monetization. Now YouTubers must…

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